Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas crafts

So I've been brainstorming crafts to do with my kiddos for Christmas this is my list so far.  Feel free to reply with any unique ideas.

-Christmas angels (upside down foot for body and hands for wings in white paint)  I think these will be pretty on blue paper.  Also, glittery pipecleaner halos.  The kids LOVE glitter and secretly so do I!!!!!
-Popsicle stick frame with peppermints glued on it.  *seal the peppermints first.
-Cinnamon ornaments-1 c. Cinnamon, 1 c. applesause, 2 tbls. glue.  Mix together and roll out 1/4 in thick and cut with christmas cookie cutters.  Bake 200 for 20 minutes.  Then paint and sequin them up.  ***The best part-they smell like cinnamon for years!!!!!
-We are going to decorate paper bags and wrap our ornaments in tissue for the kids to give their parents for a christmas gift.
-We will made rudolph placemats for our party by tracing the child's foot and having them paint it and adding antlers out of their hands.  The nose will be a pompom.  I will laminate the placemats.
-Also, on the day of the  party we will decorate grahm cracker gingerbread houses with LOTS of candy and royal icing!!!

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